Why It Takes Two

Why It Takes Two

When Luisa and I decided to team up, like many agents, we devised a hierarchal business plan that broke down how commission would be shared, leads split, expenses divided, and work load expectations. This intricate business plan lasted maybe a month before we completely dumped it.

What we chose to do next is something we have yet to see anyone else do successfully. We went all in together. All the profits, losses, the work, and the celebrations are shared equally—right down the middle. Simple. To be honest, we figured this is what most two person teams did, but as the years go by we’ve realized that it’s not. 

This partnership started just over 6 years ago. Just the other day, we had an agent applaud us on our longevity and envied our dedication to each other. As a client, you may not think that is important but it is extremely important. Our business is our baby and it takes both of us to nurture it and support each other in the decisions we make for our clients and the growth of our business. 


When we sit down with brokerages and explain our team structure, we’re often met with wide eyes and slacked jaws—“Everything is split 50/50?” Yes, everything. Because both of us give our everything to our clients.


Leading as two instead of one gives us the opportunity to create the best support possible for our community and our clients. It allows us to be in two places at once—giving back to our community and helping our clients reach their real estate goals. While one agent is out in the field, often the other is tackling contracts, comparables, and making contacts so that milestone decisions can be made as efficiently as possible. 


When you meet us, our differences are noticeable. Infectiously warm, Luisa empowers clients to be brave and take the steps necessary towards their dreams. Strategically grounded, I’m ready to deliver the tough love to help clients make educated choices during an emotionally loaded process. 

What we have in common, is our hearts. We believe in upholding our integrity with no-pressure service regardless of the market conditions. This means that we take greed out of the equation and focus on client-desired results. We can move as fast or as slow as our clients need us to and because we lead as two, our clients never have to wait before making a big decision.

Stepping into our seventh year in business together, our vision is becoming that much clearer. We’re here to make a difference. We’re here to build. We’re here for our community, together. 

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