Up-and-coming Neighborhoods in San Diego

Up-and-coming Neighborhoods in San Diego

San Diego is one of the largest cities in the state of California. Bordering Mexico in the south, the city boasts different neighborhoods ranging from beach communities to those in rural areas. As the population continues to grow, neighborhoods once overlooked are now considered desirable. There are places where you can buy low, making an excellent investment for the future. Learn more about up-and-coming neighborhoods in San Diego.   

El Cerrito


Located 20 minutes from downtown San Diego, El Cerrito is located on a hill and is considered the new hip neighborhood. It is close to San Diego State University, attracting a mix of students and young adult populations.


The homes are relatively inexpensive, yet most are large within spacious lots, making them a valuable investment. The hilltop position affords homeowners views of the Pacific Ocean, the beautiful city skyline, and the winding canyons. The location boasts commercial districts with numerous bistros and ethnic restaurants.


South Park 


East of San Diego’s city center, minutes away, lies South Park. The small, tight-knit community has a clearly defined culture and a rich history. Numerous boutiques, restaurants, and local bars make it a cool place to frequent. The community is a highly pro-local business, making it the perfect place to settle and start a business. 


The family-friendly environment boasts tree-lined streets with Spanish Colonial revival properties, bungalow courts, and apartments. Finding homes for sale is difficult, but those available offer a good investment. 


North Park


North of the South Park neighborhood is the equally coveted North Park. The neighborhood has undergone the most drastic changes in the last couple of years. Restaurants, coffee shops, and remodeled homes dominate the location. 


North Park is most well-known for the booming craft beer industry, with six breweries operating in the neighborhood. Residents from all over San Diego visit the pedestrian-friendly location for food. It is an up-and-coming neighborhood with an average home price of just below half a million dollars. 


La Mesa 


La Mesa lies on the eastern outskirts of the city limits. North of Lemon Grove, the quaint village has shops along La Mesa Boulevard that give it unique character and style. They range from restaurants and antique stores to bars and boutiques. 


With 14 parks in the neighborhood, public art sites, and hiking trails, buying a home here is perfect for nature lovers. Homes here are available for an average price of $480,000. 


Normal Heights 


Normal Heights is a neighborhood located in the middle of the city that boasts one of the most diverse populations. It has led to an eclectic mix of restaurants and shops, attracting different ethnicities. The neighborhood hosts numerous festivals throughout the year, bringing the community together regularly. The central location allows residents to easily access downtown San Diego, the beach, and other areas. Houses here average slightly above $450,000.


Those hoping to move to San Diego have plenty of choices. Newcomers can find somewhere to fit in and create their identity. Other neighborhoods include Point Loma, Pacific Highlands Ranch, Mission Beach, and Encinitas.


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