Tips for Preparing to Sell Your Home

Tips for Preparing to Sell Your Home


Selling and buying a home are two of the most stressful things that we can do in life. Fortunately, whether you are selling or buying, there are things that you can do to prepare which will help to streamline the process and ensure you get the best possible deal on your property transaction.


Here are our top tips for preparing to sell your home.


Tips for Selling Your Home


If you are in the market to sell your home, you will want to do so as quickly as possible whilst also ensuring that you can get obtain the maximum value for it. If you are in an area where demand outstrips supply than you will naturally have a much better chance to achieve what you are looking for. However, if your area has a surplus of homes available and demand isn’t so hot, you could end up waiting a while or settling for slightly less than is ideal. Nevertheless, there are things that you can do to maximize your selling opportunity. These include:


Deep clean… everything!


Cleaning your house may be the biggest chore associated with selling your home, but it is also one of the most valuable, particularly as many homeowners do it half-heartedly. This means that if you do yours well, it will stand out to potential buyers. If you don’t have the time or inclination, hiring a professional cleaning service, particularly one that can deep clean your carpets and curtains, will be well worth the investment.


Consider kerb appeal


Unfortunately, people most certainly do judge a book by its cover, or in the case of your home, your property by the exterior. In fact, many potential buyers will drive by before even coming inside for a look, so don’t let the kerb appeal of your home put them off. Tidy up the outside space, keep paths clean and clear and even consider giving the front door a fresh lick of paint!




Space sells and so, whether your home is large or small, it is essential to maximize whatever room you have. Put any clutter away or even into storage. The same can be said for any unnecessary furniture, as removing it will also make rooms seem larger. And don’t hide things in any built-in storage as there is a good chance that potential buyers will look inside to see what space they will have for their own possessions if they buy your home.


Fix anything that’s broken


It may seem obvious, but many homeowners fail to fix broken items because they don’t want to spend out when they are planning on moving out. Nevertheless, spotting any broken or damaged elements of your home will almost certainly cause a potential buyer to reduce any offer that they are prepared to put down on your home. Unfortunately, this rarely falls in line with the cost of repair, and it may be significantly lower than you would like.


Depersonalize your property


For a potential buyer to fall in love with your home, they need to be able to envisage themselves living there. This is hard to do if you have your children’s drawings on the refrigerator or family portraits all over the walls. Whilst you should avoid making your home devoid of personality, you should ideally pack away any family photographs, holiday souvenirs, trophies and certificates, children’s artwork and any collectibles.


Hire a home stager


A home stager is someone who will professionally prepare your home for sale. Home staging works by emphasizing the positive features of your property, whilst also letting potential buyers see themselves living in your home. When you hire an experienced home stager, they will be able to comprehensively assess your property and determine the best way of presenting it to maximize on saleability and value.



For more tips on preparing to sell your home, please speak to our expert team in San Diego, CA who will be delighted to assist you in getting a prompt sale and a great price for your property.

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