My wife and I were referred to Cassandra and Luisa by close friends during our initial search for a real estate agent. We actually ended up going with a different agent initially, but the fit wasn't great and we gave Cassandra and Luisa another call. First, before anything else about the house hunting process, Cassandra and Luisa were absolutely wonderful to talk to on Zoom when we were trying to pick an agent. Both times! They were friendly, professional, understanding, and at no point did we feel any pressure from either of them. They were extra accommodating knowing that we had picked a different agent over them, and at no point did they make us feel anything other than totally welcomed and supported. Then, the house hunting process itself. We were absolutely overwhelmed, trying to buy a house for the very first time in the most buckwild seller's market I could imagine, with interest rates going up, over a 4 month period and with two small children. Throughout the *entire* process, Cassandra and Luisa had our backs 1000%. They were patient with our inexperience. They were direct when we needed that, and supportive without being pushy when we needed our hands held. At viewings and open houses they were punctual, knowledgable, and even helped wrangle our two small kiddos. They helped us figure out what kind of house we could afford, what kind of house we even wanted, and how to narrow down the dizzying array of decisions and processes. Then, when we finally had an offer accepted, they were there with us through every step of escrow and the closing process, answering our questions and making sure we understood every aspect of what was going on. When we got the keys to our new home, they both came with a lovely gift basket that even included stuffed animals for the kids. They were available to us day and night, via text and email and phone, and were absolutely unwavering in their support. I cannot recommend them more highly, I don't think we could have made it through this gauntlet without them.

-Erik K.

It truly has been such a pleasure working with Cassandra and Luisa. They helped us sell our condo last year and purchase our new home this year. It really was a process that could have been so much more stressful had we not had these two amazing women in our corner. They kept us informed of everything that we needed to know, gave us plenty of notice to prepare for next steps, and advocated for us when it was needed. So grateful to them both for helping us buy our dream home!

- Emi S.

We are so glad we found this fantastic team to sell our condo. We had a great feeling from the moment we interviewed them. We had a long time family owned condo that we finally decided to sell. We saw that Cassandra and Luisa had sold another property in our complex so we decided to sign with them. We had several hiccups that were out of our control that delayed our listing timeline, additionally we had to navigate around the issue of having renters in the unit. They handled everything with expertise and professionalism, from pricing the unit, to getting professional pictures and video, to answering our hundreds of questions via email. Because of the pandemic we only had a few zoom calls with them and everything else was handled by email. They were prompt and knowledgeable about every detail, and every step of the process. Because of some unforeseen delays our listing didn’t go live until shortly before the holidays. We got an offer, above asking price, on the very first day that the condo was shown. During the escrow process we had an another unfortunate event take place that could have jeopardized the sale but they handled it with ease. I highly recommend them to anyone selling a house or condo in the San Diego area. Thank you both for such great work answering all our questions and getting the deal done. You deserve every penny of the commission plus some! Call them, you won’t be disappointed.

- Cindy M.

My fiancé and I were referred to Cassandra and Luisa by a friend and we had a great experience working with them and their team. We were put into a tough position where we were first time homebuyers during a very competitive seller’s market. We had a ton of questions and a ticking clock to be out of our current home within 60 days. Cassandra and Luisa took the time to walk us through the entire process and answer questions before we even committed to working with them. They made sure to understand our wishlist for our home and they were very respectful of our budget and ensured we understood the costs and potential costs of buying a home each step of the way. They did a great job of helping us zero in on what we wanted in a home, and were so supportive along the way. They were always happy to answer our questions or explain anything. We ended up in a situation where we had our offer accepted on a home while we were waiting to hear back about an offer we had made on another property. They helped us weigh the pros and cons and we ended up in a beautiful home because of their hard work. Even after the offer stage, they walked us through the entire process and communicated with our lender to ensure we were able to close sooner than our anticipated 18-day escrow period. We would highly recommend Cassandra and Luisa to anyone looking to buy a home!

- Katie S.

We were researching other realtors before working with Cassandra and Luisa. Still, once we had the initial meeting with them, we were won over by their professionalism, sincerity, and genuine interest in getting to know us as people, not just potential customers. We thoroughly enjoyed every interaction we had with them, from the way they put together the listing information of the homes we wanted to see; to their great questions that helped narrow down our must-haves and which things we were flexible with. They always had our best interest in mind, from the many calls we made wanting to get their opinion on a potential offer; to the advice not to remove our protection contingencies to get into a home. Cassandra and Luisa made buying a home in this crazy market a breeze, and they were always giving us updates on the status of escrow, our loan, and closing. We would recommend them to all our friends that are looking to buy or sell a home. We felt like our lifelong friends were helping us through the process of purchasing a home. We will reach out to them if we are ever in the market again.

- Gibrian C.

Luisa and Cassandra were awesome. I could not have asked for better assistance in purchasing my new home. Purchasing a home can be stressful, but they were extremely patient and helped walk me through everything.

- Ida Y.

Cassandra and Luisa are incredibly warm, caring, and professional. They listen to whatever concerns or questions you have and are so fast at responding! They are efficient, great communicators that care about you and their community. It shows! I’d recommend them in a heartbeat.

- Laura H.

We cannot say enough amazing things about the Altmann Ayala Realty Team! From searching for a new home all the way through to closing, they both were there to answer every question we had. The entire process was extremely smooth and we are so happy.

- Jan E.

Cassandra and Luisa were professional and supportive every step of the way! Moving is both a financially and emotionally involved process, they gave us the tools to make both selling and buying seamless. With their guidance, we prepared our home to put on the market. Within one week we had multiple competing, full-price, and cash offers. This allowed us to successfully buy another home simultaneously! We moved out of our old home and into our new home on the same weekend! I would highly recommend the Altmann Ayala Realty Team!

- Briana W.

Cassandra and Luisa were awesome! They were professional, knowledgeable, responsive, and detail-oriented. I couldn't have asked for a better Realty Team. This was my first time selling a home and they made me feel comfortable and confident through the process. They explained everything thoroughly, answered all my questions, even late into the evening, and they truly cared about how I was doing through the process. In addition, they gave great advice throughout and I always felt they had my best interest in mind. I highly recommend them and would definitely use them again.

- Kelly M.

I’ve worked with Cassandra for many years, and more recently Luisa, throughout my up and down real estate journey. They both were always very helpful and quick to respond to any questions, comments, and concerns. When the time came to go through the purchase process, everything was handled very professionally. I understood the tasks that needed to be done and the timelines in which they should take place thanks to Cassandra. It was a joy to work with both of them.

- Nick G.

As a first-time homebuyer I thought things would be a lot more difficult, but working with Cassandra these past couple of months I was able to find and buy our dream home in a very short amount of time. Her attention to detail to what we wanted help to us find the home we were looking for. Can’t even explain to you how easy the whole process went. Really appreciate all the hard work the Altmann and Ayala realty team put in this last month to officially make us homeowners now!

- Ryan P.

Cassandra and Luisa are the Dynamic Duo! They are an amazing team and they work together flawlessly. Both have been a joy to work with and to have in our court. They are spectacular! You won’t regret in trusting your real estate decisions with them!

- Cara G.

I cannot speak highly enough to the level of service and reliability Cassandra and Luisa provide their clients. This was the second time working with Cassandra (she was our agent when we bought the property 5 years ago) and our first time working with Luisa and we were in no way disappointed at any step of the process. They showed a complete dedication to selling our home by performing multiple open houses, raising awareness on social networks, and arranging services to aid in our home sale.

We had relocated to another state before the house was listed and they were easily able to handle requests from the buyers and special arrangements that needed to be made remotely with us to a level where we didn't need to worry about anything getting done as they were also on top of every issue that cropped up. At no point did they give me any reason to be worried that something wouldn't get done on time or that we would need to fly back and handle something ourselves. Truly a worry-free experience from our side.

I cannot recommend them enough. Truly a pleasure through the entire process.

- Trent K

Luisa and Cassandra are fantastic and have a client for life in me. They made my home search a breeze and were able to negotiate me a fantastic deal. Highly recommended!

- Valentine M.

Recently my wife and I located a highly desirable home in Pennsylvania that was too good for us to pass up. We had to move fast however and sell our home in Rancho San Diego. A friend recommended the Altmann Ayala Realty Team of Pacific Sotheby’s so we set up a meeting with Cassandra Altmann and Luisa Ayala.

We both liked what we heard and soon listed with them. Open House and viewings soon followed and within ten days we had a qualified buyer agreeing to our asking price and closed escrow in thirty days. This was exactly what we wanted and needed. The Team's knowledge of the selling process was masterful and you can tell by our rating of five stars that we had not one complaint.

As a person who works with the public I have a great appreciation for people skills, and Luisa and Cassandra demonstrate them at all times. The sale went well for us and we were able to purchase the house we wanted. I would highly recommend the Altman Ayala Team for all of these reasons.

- Ben and Deb S.

Cassandra and Luisa are both knowledgeable and dedicated to their clients. They were there and ready no matter when and how many homes we wanted to see. They're honest and most of all care that their clients are happy, not just their commission. By far the best experience that I've had with Real Estate Agents. Do not look any further these are your Real Estate Agents.

- Treesje W.

Cassandra and Luisa assisted us through our first time purchasing a home. We had very specific requirements because of our loan product and they coached us through the offers we made with graciousness and confidence. Once we got our offer accepted, they guided us through getting excellent terms and a great price on a place we love.

We didn’t have the highest price point but we got the best service anyway. Cassandra and Luisa were so helpful and went out of their way for us many times. They are particularly responsive and were available to us whenever we had questions about the process. They were willing to explain everything we didn’t understand, and to work with our lender, the title company, and everyone else in the process to make sure we were able to close. Thank you Altmann-Ayala team for helping us feel equipped and cared for during our home buying process!

- Julia C.

Cassandra and Luisa were awesome! They made my first time home buying experience a pleasure. They were there every step of the way to advise and answer any questions that I had. I highly recommend them!

- Chris B.

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