Picking the Right Real Estate Agent

Picking the Right Real Estate Agent

If you have been looking for a real estate agent in La Jolla, California then you may already know that a quick internet search can come up with hundreds of different names. It can be difficult to narrow this list down and then find the right one for you. At Altmann Ayala Realty, we specialize in helping our clients sell or find their perfect home. While we believe our method can help you, there are some important considerations to make when selecting a realtor.

While we are sure that our skills and talent make us an ideal choice, there are a few things that you should consider before you make your decision.


Selector Your Realtor, Not Their History – The real estate market in La Jolla is packed with every type of realtor that touts their ability to sell or find your new home. However, their history can’t always be reflective of who they are today. Many realtors are now out of touch with the current market, or so set in their own strategy that they do not listen to your needs. When you meet with a potential realtor, make sure that you connect with them. While finding the right home can be exciting, there can also be some stresses involved with making such a big decision. Ensuring that you can openly communicate with your team so they know your needs is a critical step to enjoying your real estate experience.

Talk to Former Clients – When you have narrowed your selection down, it is important to talk to some of their former clients and ask specific questions about how the realtor handled their transaction. Was the realtor available? Were there any problems during their purchase or sale? Did they feel like their realtor understood their needs and follow through? Did their realtor have the knowledge of the market at the time they worked together? These are just a few questions that you can ask. At Altmann Ayala, we believe in transparency throughout the process. If you are considering our services, please ask for the names of some of our former clients and we would be happy to help you get in touch with them.

Trust Your Instincts – Once you have interviewed a few different real estate agents, it is important to trust your gut instinct. Maybe there was something that they did during your line of questioning that you weren’t comfortable with. Sometimes it is easy to put a finger on that issue, but at other times, you have nothing more than just a sense that they aren’t right, or that they could be the perfect fit. While you shouldn’t ignore obvious signs, your gut instinct usually has a great way of protecting your own interests.

Ensure Your Realtor is a Professional – The California real estate market has been very attractive for a number of developers and real estate agents. For this reason, there are so many people who decided to take up realty as a side job. However, when you are looking for the perfect home, you want a team that can react immediately to changes in the market. If that perfect beachfront property just came on the market, a full-time realtor may be able to get you in the door first. At Altmann Ayala, we often hear about properties before they even come on the market, so you can increase your odds of finding your perfect home at the perfect price.



There is no substitute for professional and experienced realtors working on your behalf. At Altmann Ayala Realty, our team has the level of care and expertise that you need to find your forever home. Contact us for more information 858-216-2700.

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