Free Home Buyer Consultations

Free Home Buyer Consultations
Accessibility to homeownership is impacted by several variables that can sometimes make it challenging for homebuyers to understand which part of the path you are actually on and which direction to go from there.

This is what makes this journey so special but also sometimes stressful. The path to homeownership is rarely paved and often we help blaze a new trail for our clients. The end result is as unique as each of our clients.

To better serve our community and help our neighbors build wealth through real estate, our team is equipped to help educate first-time home buyers as well as repeat home buyers to better understand and prepare for the path to homeownership. We provide personal and private virtual consultations that focus on discussing your goals and what steps can be taken to move you closer to becoming a homeowner.

Prior to actively home searching, our buyers learn
  • how to outline healthy expectations for the current market
  • about their due diligence responsibilities as a buyer during the escrow process
  • to navigate the offer/purchase agreement (This is a huge help! We discuss typical contingency deadlines, what contingencies actually are, and our recommendations for a clean and competitive offer strategy, all before it’s time to write one.)
  • resources for income based downpayment and closing cost assistance programs when helpful
  • which documents lenders and mortgage professionals need in order to qualify buyers as well as what questions to ask them.

Make no mistake, we are not here to make your decisions for you. We are here to empower you  and help you evaluate your choices each step of the way. Our buyer consultations come with no obligation to work with us nor any cost. Our goal is to educate and support you and one day become your trusted REALTOR®.

-Cassandra & Luisa
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