The Differences Between Real Estate Businesses

The Differences Between Real Estate Businesses

How each real estate agent manages their real estate business can be nuanced. Some agents are running solo. Some are running a boutique business of 2-4 agents or support staff. Others can be full ships with 10-20 individuals. Deciding which platform supports your goals as a buyer or seller can be difficult to determine let alone research.

Starting out, we worked as solo agents as well as support agents for other seasoned teams. This gave us a unique opportunity to consider what platform not only fit best with our values but also serve our clients the best way possible. SO—Here’s a little bit about the differences that we’ve experienced and observed.

We know our client’s story/journey from start to finish.

One strength that solo agents have over larger teams is that they know their client’s goals very well due to the fact that they are solely responsible for guiding their client’s decision making. Larger teams often have designated buyer agents who take out the client to selected homes while another agent runs point for negotiations and/or contracts. While that certainly is efficient for the team, it runs the risk of losing perspective on the client’s needs and information getting miscommunicated. Having just two of us in your corner is a bit of both worlds. Both of us get to build strong relationships with our clients and accommodate the workload of negotiations, paperwork, marketing, and more.


We work with a select handful of clients at a time.

Bandwidth is an important thing to be mindful of and large teams have this in spades. We also know of several solo agents who manage an incredibly high amount of clients at a time; and to them, we toast! That just isn’t us. We like to make sure we have the ability to meet each of our clients where they are in this process with the same level of attention and care.


After all, we’re the ones putting in the work, not assistants, not support staff.

Larger teams often divide the responsibilities of being a real estate agent to multiple licensed staff members. For instance, a large team may have multiple licensed employees managing contracts, another group may take over marketing and advertising  responsibilities, others for site visits such as staging appointments or inspections; the list goes on. Solo agents may have assistants to help with the workload, but assistants are rarely are able to help clients make the important decisions that ought to be the responsibility of the agent in the first place. As a result, the client may have to wait to speak with their agent in order to make the next move.


Our team values community rather than the dollar.

We all need to eat, experience joy, and take care of ourselves, which all require funds to do so. Many solo agents and larger teams define themselves by their volume or production numbers. Awards can mean a lot to them. Instead of defining our success by rankings and dollar signs, we prefer to measure our success by the impact that we make in the lives of our community. Driven by this pursuit, we volunteer our time regularly to various charitable events and community-focused activities; as well as donate a portion of our earned commission to charitable organizations and causes.


The Altmann Ayala Realty Team is operated by just Luisa and Cassandra (and our beloved Transaction Coordinator, Donna, who handles our file management during a transaction) but supported by our clients’ trust. We know we’re not the right fit for everyone, but we are the right fit for our clients. To learn more about our work ethic, our commitment to our clients and our community, we empower you to set up a personal call or Zoom meeting to discuss your goals.

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