Gaining Perspective with L'Attitude

Gaining Perspective with L'Attitude
September's entrepreneurs' conference, L'Attitude, draws thousands of skilled professionals and creatives from across the United States to convene and celebrate Latin presence and power in the mainstream economy. This all took place in our own backyard of San Diego. With her installation gala taking place this November, this year's conference was the perfect precursor to Luisa stepping up to become president of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professional's San Diego Chapter for 2020. Her involvement as Membership Director and Vice President of the same chapter has been exceptional. But Luisa describes her experience at the conference best...

I was truly inspired by so many amazing and successful people at L'Attitude. Four days of learning, networking, inspiration, and great music right here in a city we are lucky enough to call home. My absolute favorite speaker was Eugenio Derbez, whose films I've been watching since I was a little girl and he always knows how to cheer you up! It's a very sarcastic type of comedy but also very real to our roots. One of my favorite movies is Instructions Not Included, which he produced as well as starred in.  In person, he was incredibly humble and inspiring.

L'Attitude--Latinos with attitude, was not only educational but a celebration of the Latino culture here in the United States. I am proud of my heritage, being a Latina, as well as all of the obstacles that we as Latinos had to go through to achieve the American Dream. Si se puede!

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